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Ideas With Value

The contest called “Ideas with Value” emerges with the purpose of stimulating and promoting proposals and initiatives for improvement through the generation of new ideas that help to solve problems that present themselves in the different processes in operations.

Thus, we extend an invitation to all employees to contribute with Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Learning which are some of Antamina’s most fundamental values.

The goal is for everyone to become part of the organization’s continuous improvement, submitting their suggestions to improve the quality of our processes and work methods and conditions, optimizing productivity and reducing company costs.

The best suggestions are evaluated and implemented over the course of the year by the Office of Management of Operational Excellence and Business Continuity.  

In addition, as a part of this initiative, the event “Continuous Improvement Night” was organized to recognize Excellence as a constant practice in the organization. Employees are given public recognition for their contributions in the form of innovative ideas, along with the leaders and members of different projects who succeed in improving processes at the Mine and Maintenance.