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Exporting Ancash

El programa 'Exportando Ancash' de Antamina ofrece enseñanzas básicas a empresarios en temas de gestión

Linking micro-enterprise and small local businesses demanding markets represents a significant challenge, since the setting within which they operate is often characterized by informality and the absence of a corporate culture all of which represents an obstacle to meeting high quality standards.

For these reasons, small businesses need preliminary support along with mechanisms to promote and complete its process of articulation with the markets. In view of these circumstances, a local purchase and supplier development program called “Exporting Ancash” was implemented at Antamina; this program seeks to promote synergies with reputable national companies and institutions associated with the business sector such as ESAN  and PROMPERU, to develop and promote local small and micro-businesses, laying the groundwork for a path toward achieving a proper level of competitiveness along with insertion into the local, national and international markets.

One component of the program includes organizing a training workshop for business people called “Good Management Practices for Ancash Region Suppliers”, which has two levels:  basic and advanced, and are taught under an agreement with Universidad ESAN, in Lima.

Over a period of four months, local business people are given basic courses in Product Design and Development, Production of Goods and Services, Purchasing Management, Sales Management, Planning and Direction, Human Resource Management, Accounting Management, Financial Management, Legal and Taxation Concepts, Safety and the Environment.  The course concludes with the presentation of an operating plan by each company, the implementation and application of which is individually supported and supervised at a later stage called “Ancash Business Service”, which is run by MBA professionals from Universidad ESAN who monitor the application and implementation of the acquired business knowledge. In addition, we also offer a training program called “The Export Route” under an agreement celebrated with PROMPERU and in cooperation with the Huaraz Chamber of Commerce, aimed at businesses with export potential.

At the same time, we organize promotional events such as road shows, trade missions and business tours to facilitate the articulation of Ancash’s local supply of goods and services with the demand of our Strategic Partners and other domestic companies.

It is worth mentioning that the services provided through the “Exporting Ancash” Program are not only aimed at local businesses related to the mining industry, but to any business that has the potential and is willing and able to grow, because the purpose of this Program is not only to strengthen local businesses and link them to Antamina, but rather to generate sustainable growth and development, assisting their insertion into markets made up of large buyers at the regional, national and international levels.  Thus, the fundamental purpose of the Program is to showcase local companies that have the capacity to meet demanding standards, after having undergone training and assessment in the Exporting Ancash Program.