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Code of Conduct

Cumplir a cabalidad con los lineamientos de este Código de Conducta, nos permitirá trabajar con absoluta integridad

Antamina’s Code of Conduct is based on the following corporate values:

1. Integrity

2. Responsibility

3. Health and Safety

4. Respect and Recognition

5. Continuous learning

6. Performance and innovation

Our Code of Conduct sets behavioral standards and the rules concerning the way we work and interact with our fellow employees, suppliers and customers as well as community members and other people with whom we interact.  Antamina enjoys an excellent reputation and is a leader at the local and international levels. Our compliance with the guidelines in this Code of Conduct allows us to work with absolute integrity and maintain a standard of behavior with a solid and lasting reputationat all times. 

 [Link to Download Code of Conduct 2015