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Revegetation Plan

El plan anual de revegetación de Antamina se implementó desde un inicio con miras al cierre de nuestras operaciones.

Incremental revegetation and restoration

 The annual revegetation plan has been implemented every year since 1999 and originally came about as a part of our operational closure plan, which is approved by the Ministry of Energy and Mines. 

This document identifies the activities to be carried out in the processes of closing the different mine installations, within the different stages of a project, in the progressive closure stage, and in post closure.  In addition, it itemizes the costs entailed in closure, which are subsequently declared and given to the Government as a financial guarantee for the period when the operations are terminated. Currently, Antamina has until 2029.   

Antamina is still in its operational stage, but we have put a lot of thought into this progressive revegetation and restoration plan, which is why today there are over 133,000 high altitude plant species living in our area of influence. Some of these are listed below:

• Buddleja coriacea or colle

• Buddleja incana or colle

• Polylepis racemosa or queñua

This program seeks to create and recover native species forest area for water management.  In addition, it seeks to recover a significant area of land for the benefit of neighboring communities at the end of the operation.  More than 2.3 million cubic meters of organic soil have been recovered and will be utilized in the restoration activities after the operations have ended.