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Solid Waste Management

Dentro del marco legal y política ambiental, nos hemos propuesto manejar los residuos sin afectar el medio ambiente

Solid waste management program

 Within the legal framework and in line with environmental policy we have assumed the responsibility to manage waste without affecting the environment or public health. Therefore, we conduct environmental contamination control activities – primarily at the source of emissions – and activities which serve to minimize the waste generation. Comprehensive and sustainable waste management at Antamina combines methods of collection, separation systems, recovery and use.     

There are environmental and economic benefits that arise from this comprehensive management approach which result in the acceptance – on the part of the authorities and neighboring communities – of both versatile and practical methods that can be applied at any company or municipality. 

The guiding principles of this comprehensive and sustainable waste management method are:

• The prevention of contamination and compliance with standards and legislation such as Law Nº 27314, the Solid Waste Management Act and its Regulations, mainly framed within the processes of minimization, re-use, recycling and proper final disposal.

• The involvement of all workers, from Antamina and its strategic partners, in the solid waste management systems.

• The interaction of all waste chain elements (generation, separation, collection, transport, storage, treatment and final disposal).

• The integration of the technical, financial environmental, social, institutional, legal and political aspects to ensure the system’s sustainability.