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Huarmey Forest

El bosque de Huarmey es creado gracias nuestro mineroducto que traslada el concentrado mineral, donde el 40% es agua.

Today, just outside of Huarmey (276 km north of Lima) there is a 177 hectare forest (4 times the size of the San Isidro Golf Club in Lima) where a variety of birds, several mammals and even fruit hanging trees co-exist.  However – twelve years ago – this forest was a typical patch of desert on the Peruvian coast.

How did this great forest come into being in the middle of the desert?  The answer lies in the transport of Antamina’s mineral concentrate.

The transport of mineral concentrates from the Andes Mountains to the shipping port in Huarmey is made possible because of the 304 km long slurry pipeline that carries mineral concentrates in the form of “pulp” which has 40% water content.


What to do with all that water? We have been answering this question since 2001.  An efficient alternative for using water  through a water dissipation system operating in Punta Lobitos, Huarmey is developed.

Once the water containing mineral concentrates is received at the port, it is separated by gravity in clarifiers prior to filtration.  The total volume of water (equivalent to a variable flow of between 28 and 35 liters per second) is then treated to obtain clean water which is used for micro-sprinkler watering of the man made Huarmey forest, the only one in the coastal territory of Ancash.

This is how the success of the Huarmey forest began and this achievement lies in the specialized studies carried out in hydrology, biology, geology, meteorology and topography, among others.