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Water Management

Monitoreo de Agua - Antamina

Antamina have a genuine commitment to the responsible use of water resources. In that respect, we comply with every national water quality standard and have established controls which meet international standards. We have water and disposal licenses stemming from environmental impact studies and issued by the relevant authorities.  We also promote initiatives on the reuse of water resources to minimize the consumption of the fresh water supply.

  • Tailings dam:

Ensures the proper disposal of tailings resulting from the productive process. This way 98.5% of the total amount of water used in the concentrator plant, comes from water recirculated from the tailings dam.

• Efficient water management at the end of the process (Puerto Punta Lobitos):

The water we use to transport mineral concentrates from the mine to the port is filtered and treated until it complies with the established maximum permissible limits.  It  is then reused to irrigate over 177 hectares of the Huarmey forest. 


Water monitoring

We have a water quality monitoring program that includes the sampling and analysis of our water disposal and the receiving bodies of water. We can proudly say that we have achieved 100% compliance with water quality standards.  In addition, we check water quality before discharging it into the Ayash and Pampa Moruna Ravines, in compliance with the control measures required by the Government of Peru. 


Water consumption

Antamina holds two water use licenses for its operational activities:

  • Compliance with R.D. Nº 322-2013-ANA-AAAM, which authorizes the use of underground water for the operation.
  • Compliance with R.D. 848-2013.ANA.AAA.M, which authorizes the use of surface water for the operation.