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Terms and Conditions

This website (website) is Antamina. Use of this site by each user: (i) is subject to the terms and conditions described below (the “Terms and Conditions); and (ii) constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Antamina may review, revise and update these Terms and Conditions at any time, in its sole discretion.

For your convenience, we have divided the Terms and Conditions, in three groups. These are:

1. Privacy Policy (use of information by users).
2. Intellectual property and copyrights (banning the use of content, design and other elements of this site or web page).
3. Exclusion of liability (for damage to equipment or programs caused by any kind of virus or any other circumstance directly or indirectly related to access to the website of Antamina).


eleven. Antamina use personal information that users voluntarily and knowingly provide it only for the creation of its database on visitors to its website, knowledge and attention to their customers, and their general marketing activities.

1.2. Antamina use personal information to provide visitors to the website to enhance its advertising, commercial, marketing and promotional efforts; for uses and statistical analysis on the use of the website; and to improve the features and content thereof. It will also use personal information to send messages and content that may be of specific interest to visitors, according to our understanding of such personal information provided by the visitor. This should include new products and services, and those characteristics thereof, surveys, opportunities to make purchases online, promotions and contests and links to other web pages. This information may be sent by Antamina and thus refer to their products, or other companies, carefully selected by Antamina, which send information about their products, unless the visitor who submitted personal information revealed its intention that its personal information is not shared with other companies.

1.3. Users who wish to stop receiving information and Antamina messages through your email, and have the option to manifest this company, which shall exclude such user from your list of contacts from your email, and refrain hereinafter to transmit information in this way.

1.4. Antamina seeks the best legal means at its disposal to third parties who provide services to Antamina related to the website, such as designing, managing and updating the website, have access to information submitted by users and dealing with the same discretion and confidentiality with the use Antamina, but is not responsible for any misuse or unauthorized third parties such they bring up giving the above information.

fifteen. Antamina update both personal information as additional information for users of its website that they have given and wish to change.

1.6. Antamina will share general information about our visitors, such as the proportion of men and women, their age ranges, and internet access systems, with advertisers, affiliates, sponsors and any other third parties in order to improve the content and ads on our site.

1.7. Antamina will use the personal information of visitors to its website to allow other companies to contact with Antamina regarding products and services that may be of interest, unless the user specifically do not want this information is shared.


21. Antamina maintains this website to provide information about their products and as a means of commercial relationship with their customers. The trademarks, trade names, summaries, graphics, photographs, drawings, designs and any other property appearing on this Web site as well as content, are legally protected in favor of this company in accordance with the laws on industrial property and on Copyright.

Accordingly, they may not be used, modified, copied, reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any way without prior express written authorization of Antamina.

2.2. Protected in accordance with the preceding paragraph, contents include text, images, drawings, designs, software, music, sound, photographs and videos, and any other means or methods of distributing content, information or knowledge.

2. 3. The ideas, opinions, suggestions and comments are sent spontaneously, without prior request by users Antamina, relating to products, services or marketing plans, or any other, will be used freely by Antamina if it so wishes for the development of new products or marketing plans.

Such communications are not confidential and presumably are not protected by any regulation pertains to copyright or intellectual property, and therefore, the user sender of such information may not claim any compensation or assistance under legitimate business use Antamina of the same.

If the information is protected by some form of regulation on copyright or intellectual property, spontaneous Antamina communication is understood as a total and irrevocable waiver of rights and moral and economic privileges that such regulations provide, and the transfer thereof Antamina.

In any case, whether the information provided is protected or not, it will become and remain the property of Antamina, which means that this company will not treat this information as confidential; the sender user of the information may not claim judicially or extrajudicially by the use of such information; and that such user is not entitled to any payment under the use of the information so provided.


3.1. The material and technical components on this site may include mistakes and technical failures and therefore the visit made by each user is at your sole risk. Neither Antamina or any third party involved in designing, managing and updating the site, will be responsible for the damage that may come near to suffer directly or indirectly, or as a result of access or use of the website users. Antamina does not guarantee access to their website either permanently or error free, or free of viruses or other harmful components.

Consequently, Antamina will not be responsible for damage to the use of your website, caused, among other circumstances, by the use or lack of access to the website; the use or lack of access to a linked website (“links”); failures in the performance of the website; errors therein; omissions; interruptions; delay in operation or transmission; line failure, and the like.

3.2. Antamina carefully selected links (“links”) to other websites, which are accessed through its website, but is not responsible for the content or technical aspects of them, especially if one takes into account Such contents vary from time to time. Accordingly, access to such sites via the web site Antamina will be under the sole risk and responsibility.

3.3. Antamina no warranty, express or implied, contents incorporated in this web site or the functional elements thereof. Especially not warrant that:

• The functional elements of this web site does not have interruptions or lack of errors.
• The errors are corrected.
• The server of this web site, or from related parties (“links”) by means of which make this website available or those, are free of viruses or other harmful components.
• The result of their visit and the activities carried out as a result of your visit, be completely satisfactory.