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Our Team

En Antamina producimos fundamentalmente cobre y zinc, además de molibdeno, plata y plomo.

The most valuable resource at Antamina is its employees, people make the Antamina family one of the ten most important mining companies in the world. We have close to 6 thousand workers, 3 thousand of whom are direct employees of Antamina and 50% of these are native citizens of Ancash.  We also have strategic partners who represent a fundamental part of our company. We highlight the fact that the large majority of our team is made up of Peruvian workers, setting an example of mining excellence in the world.

Furthermore, we highly value the life style we have forged at Antamina.  We have succeeded in developing the Antamina Family, a culture of work and development that provides a series of opportunities with a view toward the future:  the Antamina culture.

This has enabled us to perform at the highest standards in the Management of our Human Resources.   We develop good employment practices which provide each and every worker a privileged environment that is conducive to optimum professional performance and human development. A clear example of this is that we are the founding members of the Good Employers Association (ABE).

The human relations that we have established within the Antamina culture have enabled us to develop horizontal ties between every member of the team. This way, we manage employee relations by standardizing all services we provide to employees and strategic partners.  This strengthens our coexistence and leads to an opportunity for human growth, holistically integrates the individual and provides a comprehensive and all-inclusive picture of the future, thanks to the values we cultivate in the Antamina family.