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Our Facilities

En Antamina brindamos un excelente servicio de hospedaje en el campamento Yanacancha y el Puerto Punta Lobitos

We seek to welcome our entire team at our facilities in such a way that they are able to enjoy access to all the amenities they need for optimal performance and comfort. In this sense, we have the highest quality standards in the services we offer to our employees and strategic partners, e.g. : transportation, meals and lodging.  

We go to great lengths to offer our workers a good quality of life, providing them with outstanding hospitality services at the Yanacancha Camp and the Punta Lobitos Port facilities, which have complete cleaning, well equipped bathroom facilities and other comforts such as heating and cable TV.

Similarly, we offer a unique food service for all personnel that is of top quality.  It is worth noting that we  expanded our dining room at  the Yanacancha Camp while maintaining excellent service, demonstrating that that we have one of thelargest capacity dining halls with the at an altitude of over 4,200 m.a.s.l.  We provide a balanced and healthy diet with the intention of offering a service in optimal conditions to every member of the Antamina family.

In addition, we offer a laundry service and several cafeterias located throughout the camp facilities.  Furthermore, we also aim for our team to enjoy access to spaces for fun and entertainment.  To this end we have a sports complex with two multiple-purpose courts, a gymnasium and a game room.  There is also a recreation room with Internet access, board games and video games.  

The camp at Punta Lobitos (PPL) has a swimming pool, two “fronton” courts, two mini soccer/football fields, a multi-purpose court and a game room.  These recreational spaces enable our workers and strategic partners to spend some time together and relax, which represents an opportunity for them to perform their tasks the best way possible and to better develop their social skills.

Our transportation service includes a fleet of 28 mobile units to provide a service that complies  with the highest safety standards. These buses are equipped with modern technology including a stability control system, combined brakes, three point belt with a retractor, real time monitoring for the entire duration of the trip and speed control. The vehicles are driven by highly trained drivers.