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Production Process

Nuestro proceso de producción podría explicarse de la siguiente manera: Voladura, Chancado, Molienda, Flotación y Puerto

At Antamina, we obtain the mineral resources underground.  These resources are then processed in the concentrator plant, followed by, thanks to our 304 km underground slurry pipeline-, they are transferred to our port in Huarmey from which they are shipped on ocean freight ships to various export markets. Our production process can be described as follows:


Extracting ore from the pit is the first phase of our productive process.  There, blasting the ground is required to extract the mineral ore from beneath the ground. This activity is carried out using a carefully planned out sequential pattern 24 hours per day in 12 hour shifts operating under the industry’s highest safety standards for this type of work. Once the ore is fragmented from the mining extraction process, we proceed to load the ore – still mixed with rocks and dirt – with electric shovels onto our fleet of Caterpillar and Komatsu heavy machinery transport units for transfer to the crusher.[/expand]


In the next stage of our productive process, ore is hauled to the primary crusher where large chunks of ore are reduced to 5 inches in diameter.  Now the ore is ready for transfer via the conveyor belts to the concentrator plant.[/expand]

Milling & Grinding

The concentrator plant receives the ore from the primary crusher and distributes it with its stacker into stockpiles outside the plant. The ore is then transferred to the SAG mill, and subsequently to the three ball grinding mills, where the ore is reduced in size as required by the specifications in the next stage: flotation. [/expand]


Once this stage is reached, the pulp (water and ore) is transferred to flotation cells where the metals: copper and/or zinc, silver, lead and molybdenum, are recovered as scheduled in the mining plan. Later, the pulp is thickened to reduce water content and allow for a more cost efficient and appropriate transportation. The concentrates are stored in storage tanks outside the plant.[/expand]


Next, copper and zinc concentrates are sent to the Port, Puerto Punta Lobitos in Huarmey through the 304 Km long slurry pipeline, a journey that takes approximately 50 hours.  This stage of the productive process has a fiber optic automatic monitoring system.  There are also four valve stations that control pressure and speed of concentrate flow during its passage through the slurry pipeline. Continuing its journey, the concentrate reaches the storage tanks in the port and is then channeled to the filtration plant where excess water is removed from the concentrate.The water byproduct of this process is then separated and properly treated for use as irrigation water in the Huarmey forest.  Later, the dry concentrates are transferred to a storage facility with a water content of between 8.5% and 9%. Finally, the concentrates are sent through an enclosed conveyor belt system for the entire length of the dock to the ship loader, to be deposited into ships that arrive at, Punta Lobitos for shipment and sale to customers.[/expand]