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Nuestro equipo de mantenimiento está muy comprometido en mantener los diferentes equipos en excelentes condiciones.

Our maintenance team is very committed to keeping all our equipment and machinery in excellent condition. We meet and beat production targets by strategically doing preventative, predictive and proactive maintenance.  This is achieved using the highest standards of health, safety, efficiency and effectiveness.  

To accomplish this, we have seven work areas, focused on the complete maintenance needs of Antamina machinery and equipment:

Hauling Equipment, Tires and Light Equipment

This department is responsible for ensuring the operational reliability of the fleets of hauling equipment, tires and light equipment as required under the production plan, through the application of best practices in the maintenance of mobile equipment.  It works as a team with the different mechanic shops, strategic partners and contractors and other areas in the company required to meet the goals and targets set by the department.

Concentrator Plant Maintenance and Port

This area is in charge of maintaining the fixed assets in the Concentrator Plant and Puerto Punta Lobitos: the milling and flotation equipment, the slurry pipeline, filtration and shipping equipment using the highest safety standards to achieve reliability and availability within applicable budget plans.

Loading, Drilling, Auxiliary and Welding Equipment

Responsible for ensuring the operational readiness of the shovel blades, loaders, drilling, auxiliary and welding equipment in the mine, executing job tasks with safety, efficiency and effectiveness, meeting reliability and maintenance standards so that the equipment is ready for use in the productive process.

Electric Power Systems

This department is in charge of the operation and maintenance of Antamina’s 220kV-23kV from its connection point in the Vizcarra Substation. It covers transmission, transformation and distribution systems.  It must ensure the availability and reliability of electric power supply to all operating units of the mine, concentrator plant, the camps and Puerto Punta Lobitos,

Heavy equipment assembly

Responsible for coordinating the technical and sales aspects of new equipment acquired.  This can be as part of our equipment replacement program or additional equipment purchases and can  include shovels, drilling equipment, trucks, loaders, tractors, excavators, road graders and others through the purchase, transport, assembly, commissioning and delivery of equipment to Mine Operations ready for use. This department also prepares the PETS (Procedures for Evaluating Technical Specifications) applicable to the critical jobs performed by the new equipment along with strategies and maintenance plans.

 General Service and Crushing

In charge of maintenance of the camps, water treatment plants, external and internal roads, crushing equipment lines including:  the primary crusher, and conveyor belts 1, 2, 623 and 624 respectively. The general services department addresses the different needs throughout the operation that involve movable crane equipment, services that use instrumentation and mechanical work for facilities located in the Antamina Basin, Seepage and Yanacancha.

Maintenance Engineering

In charge of maintaining all the mine’s heavy and light equipment safely, efficiently and effectively: such as: shovels, drilling equipment, dump trucks, loaders, earth moving equipment, light equipment, auxiliary equipment: ensuring the availability and reliability required to meet  production plans.