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Transportation Carrier Committe

El transporte de insumos es una de las actividades más críticas del pro­ceso productivo de la Compañía Minera Antamina.

One of the most important activities in Antamina’s productive process is the transport supplies, materials and personnel. 

Given the nature of this activity, providing transport services exposes us to a variety of risks, which can have an impact on human life, the environment and relations with the communities.

In this context, we have determined that there was a need to design, structure and implement a strategic plan for transportation companies and suppliers. The objective of this effort is to make the route to Compañía Minera Antamina, the safest route in Peru.

This strategic plan is innovative to the extent that it has pioneered the act of uniting companies of the same industry around a common objective, implementing specific activities that favor continuous improvement in their processes and procedures and therefore in their development as an organization.  This certainly drives comprehensive development in the industry in which they operate.  

The implementation of the strategic plan requires the active participation of Compañía Minera Antamina, the companies providing freight transport and personnel transportation services and suppliers who hire these transport companies.  

This is how the departments of logistics, health and safety and emergency services formed a working team which combined their experiences and incorporated transportation suppliers and companies into a committee which has been running for more than eight years.

Usually, the transportation companies and suppliers appoint a representative for this committee who is directly related to the department of security and/or operations.

The formation of the committee and its monthly meetings established a communication channel for the adequate management of transportation issues.

The strategic plan objectives are aligned with the strategic objectives of Compañía Minera Antamina and established six working components: company development, health and safety, emergency services, environment and sustainable development. The 43 companies that are active members of the committee organized themselves into one of these six components groups, shown in the chart above.

The organization of the committee is headed up by a chairman who comes from one of the companies.  In addition to representing the committee, the chairman is responsible for the review, management and execution of the strategic plan.  The chairman is elected each year by the committee members themselves.

Antamina participates in the committee through its facilitators who provide support to the leaders of each component during the execution of the strategies contained in the strategic plan. In addition, a certain number of companies participate as parties responsible for the execution of each element. These companies must also meet the objectives set under the other elements.  

Finally, it is important to mention that the chairman, leaders and facilitators organize an annual review of the strategic plan objectives.