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Radio Yanacancha

Radio Yanacancha was born as an initiative from the Maintenance Management, Mine operations, Telecommunications and Corporate affairss departments on the year 2007, they were trying  to fight against the fatigue and reinforce the operation segurity. Since then, the radio have gave information and entertainment to all the contributors and strategic partners of the Yanacancha camp.

The radial transmission is 24/7 and the radio program is informative, educative and amusement; it includes Industrial Security topics, Occupational Heatlh, Emotional Health, Fatigue and  Tiredness management, Family Life, Nutrition, Environment and Interpersonal relationships at work. Doing this, the Radio Yanacancha communicators want to be close to their audience, they receive and average of 60 calls and messages, including musical requests, advices and greetings.

We are at Puerto Punta Lobitos on the Channel 50 and at Yanacancha on channel 60.