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New Approach: Antamina and the Environment

En Antamina buscamos proteger el medio ambiente en todo momento.

Antamina seek to protect the environment at all times. As a result, we articulate our resources efficiently to safeguard the environment and the people of our area of ​​strategic influence. In that sense, we achieve excellent social and environmental performance, creating favorable conditions for the preservation of the environment and the development of our operating conditions, promoting the participation of the state, communities and civil society in strict compliance with environmental regulations and commitments derivatives of our permits, approvals and environmental impact studies.

Responsible mining:

Antamina environmental partners are governed models based on the policy of Health, Safety, Environment, Community Relations and Human Rights, reflecting a modern and careful environmental perspective.

We have solid technical and environmental standards that are part of a Environmental Management System based on the international standard ISO 14001, led by the Environment Management.

Antamina has worked for the development and creation of new green spaces, making as important social and environmental results in its area of ​​influence Operational Huarmey as forest or forests quenuales assets.

Forest Huarmey, 177 hectares where live birds, mammals and even fruit trees bloom, eleven years ago was a typical desert of the Peruvian coast.

Quenuales forest in Conchucos serves as the only power source for the surrounding communities. This project not only goes hand in hand with environmental protection, but also in the economic field due to job creation, access to nurseries and firewood in secondary forests dedicated to sustainable management.

These efforts are made known through programs like ‘Know Antamina’ which informs students of nearby universities, suitable mineral extraction processes and further processing and shipment to commercial trade destinations worldwide.

We seek to improve the welfare and quality of life of the population in our area of ​​operational influence. Therefore we set tables under our multi-stakeholder approach to development in order to create spaces of dialogue between communities, authorities and Antamina.

Thus, articulate work with local governments and within the State Program: Works by Tax (oxy), Public Private Partnerships (PPP).