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Sustainability Report 2017

reporte de sostenibilidad 2017
The achievements motivate us to continue working as a world-class mining operation, safe, careful of the environment and catalyzing development.

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Important Issues:
-Social Management
-Enviromental Management


Letter from the President & CEO

Dear friends:

I have the pleasure to present you our 2017 sustainability report, year in which we have reached our goals with hard work, efficiency and commitment. Although, nature set the hardest challenge: the Niño Costero natural phenomenon impacted significantly the people who live in our area of operative influence.

The ravage caused by this phenomenon of intense rain, tested our response and coordination capacities before the emergency along with national and regional authorities. With great satisfaction, we can say that our actions permitted timely support, welfare and calmness among our neighbors and employees, in the same way we eased the logistics for helping those more affected; specially in Huarmey, Fortaleza Valley and Callejon de Huaylas.

After the emergency response, which was supported also by our strategic partners in solidarity, we have continued our coordinated work with local stakeholders, so development management is continued, and the impacts of future phenomena are prevented. It should be noted that, despite the magnitude of the emergency, our response protocols allowed the continuous operation of our facilities in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

Internally, we have continued the promotion of our corporate values in the Antamina Family, seeking to keep their commitment with Excellence and Value Creation, by awarding the most innovative ideas and the performance of our employees; spreading them also to our strategic partners and suppliers, who also contributed with their own initiatives to the constant promotion of the values.

On environmental matters, we have developed and implemented in all operations an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001:2004 international standard, that have been certified for the past seven years. We have put special attention to the monitoring of our legal and environmental commitments and obligations, our permits and licenses, and the significant environmental aspects of our operation. As a consequence, we have optimized our water and electric energy consumption, with the involvement of all our employees and strategic partners.

On social management, our multiactor approach for development has allowed us to work along with authorities and grassroots organizations of our operational area of influence, empowering their participation in the development of Ancash region, undertaking joint projects in agricultural production, irrigation infrastructure, and promoting local culture and tourism.

In the same way, our work with municipalities, regional government and ministries under the scheme of Public Works for Taxes, has permitted that this communities accelerate in their path to development, counting timely with the necessary infrastructure for public services of health, education and roads. Our work with all stakeholders is constant, so the capacities of each can be oriented to achieve a satisfactory quality of life.

We have the ambition to continue being seen as a world reference of responsible mining and I feel that I represent all the Antamina team by saying that we will continue to give our greatest efforts to keep this path.

Without further ado, I invite you with pride to read this new sustainability report.


Abraham Chahuan
President and General Manager
Compañía Minera Antamina S.A.