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Our History

Antamina es la mina con mayor producción de cobre a lo largo de la historia peruana

The Quechua word «anta» means copper and gave birth to the name “Antamina”, or copper mine.  From the era of the Chavin Culture, men inhabiting ancient Peru already knew of the properties of this mineral and they used it for religious purposes.  The metal work was used to communicate their beliefs, because the designs represented complex religious symbols.

In 1860, the Italian sage Antonio Raimondi, documented the properties of the Antamina ore deposit in his emblematic work entitled El Perú, published in six volumes between 1874 and 1913.  The ore deposit site was forgotten for decades and it was not until 1952 when Antamina was incorporated into the mining project exploration portfolio of the Cerro de Pasco Mining Company.

During the 1970’s Antamina was transferred to the Government and stayed there until 1996. That year, following a privatization process, the site acquired by Canadian mining companies Rio Algom and Inmet.

These companies started the organization of what we are today: Compañía Minera Antamina S.A. Thus, following a process of exploration and construction of the mining complex, we started our trial operations on May 28, 2001.  On October 1st, 2002, we began to commercially produce copper and zinc concentrates and other by-products.