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Sumajg Award

Premio Sumajg

“Sumajg”, a quechua word that means excellence, is the name given to the award that was launched in 2007 for the purpose of recognizing the successful experiences and/or best practices of our strategic partners, in such a way that they serve as a benchmark of reference for other companies. However, over the years we expanded the network and scope of the award, and now the “experience” does not necessarily need to be related to Antamina.

We hope that you can share many ideas with us which with just a small investment have made a significant impact on your companies. To apply for entry to the “Sumajg” awards, you must present each idea on the electronic version of the entry form.  The length of the entry application form must be limited to two pages and provide a concise response to each of the questions asked. We will award your initiatives and creativity.

The “Sumajg” awards are granted in the following categories:

– Human Resource Management and Development

– Environmental Protection

– Innovation in Transportation

– Safety

– Occupational Health

– Commitment to Society

– Innovation in Logistics Management

– Information Management

– Human Rights and Transparency

– Indirect Partners

– Sumajg University Student