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Work Projects in the Mine – Port

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General information

Visiting the Mine / Port (requirements).

Work in the mine / Port (requirements).

If you are going to perform some work within the mining camp facilities of Compañía Minera Antamina S.A., you must meet the following requirements:

Occupational Health Exam Report for the Worker (Form 005) – Replaces Medical Passport
This report is valid for up to one year and is issued by an authorized health center.
Download the list of authorized health centers

Insurance Management System for Strategic Partners SASSE
This is an internet based system provided by Mariategui JLT to manage the registration of personnel from visiting companies, contractors and sub-contractors of Antamina. It aims to ensure (Health and Pension) SCTR coverage of workers from this companies in addition to health care treatment on the premises of ANTAMINA.

It also enables them to produce mobilization forms for personnel who provide temporary services and for new permanent workers. The mobilization form which is generated through the SASSE system must be sent to your user or operator so that it can coordinate authorization for mobilization, entrance to the camp, lodging and meals, as applicable


Medical Assistance in Yanacancha
Medical attention provided at the Antamina’s Yanacancha camp, are covered under the mandatory insurance policy coverage of any of the following insurance arrangements:

  • ANTAMINA heath care provider AGREEMENT
  • EPS (Health Care Provider Entity) with coverage at the YANACANCHA Polyclinic (Mine) as one of the clinics affiliated to his or her EPS plan.
  • YANACANCHA Polyclinic Medical Assistance (through MARIAETEGUI JLT – Insurance brokers)

If you have insurance coverage with an EPS or health care treatment plan with Clínica San Pablo, you must indicate this to Mariategui JLT. If you do not hold any of the above mentioned coverages, you can purchase Health Care Insurance through Mariategui JLT.

If you visit the facilities at Puerto Punta Lobitos, you are under no obligation to purchase the YANACANCHA Health Care Insurance.

Lodging and Meals
All expenses associated with lodging and meal services provided by our camp services provider at our facilities is the responsibility of the contractor who stays at the facilities of Compañía Minera ANTAMINA S.A.

Existing New Hires Induction Talk

New Hires Induction Talks required under Supreme Decree-055-10-MEM is run by the following companies authorized by ANTAMINA.

  • Instituto de Seguridad Minera (ISEM). [Institute of Mining Safety].
  • IGH

See outsourced New Hires induction

Current Lock and Signaling Course

This course is taught by user area supervisors at the Compañía Minera Antamina S.A. camp.

Personal Protective Equipment – PPE
Suppliers or contractors who enter the premises and facilities of Compañía Minera ANTAMINA are required to bring their own Personal Protective Equipment – PPE: helmet, safety glasses, steel-toe safety shoes (boots) and ear protectors.  Other accessories should be considered according to the nature of the job to be performed.