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En Antamina buscamos la mejora de la sociedad y de sus integrantes de manera integral desarrollando proveedores capaces

The sustainable growth of mining industry has led to increased needs and new challenges.  Peru’s mining industry accounts for 57% of its exports and mobilizes the employment of over two million people.  However, the industry increasingly demands solutions which are more efficient, cleaner and more innovative.

For this reason, at Antamina we use a model based on the creation of shared value and cooperative work with our strategic partners with a perspective to creating new ideas and ensure the comprehensive functioning of the company and the continuity of its operations.  

We seek to develop suppliers who are capable of providing services that are progressively more complex and that raise productivity, because we believe that the development of our competitiveness also involves that of our strategic partners and in this process, we achieve a better competitive position in our country and a better future for everyone.

In this regard, our commitment transcends the relationship with our suppliers and customers, because we manage a notion of socially responsible logistics (SRL).  With this concept we deem society to be our most important customer and our most important supplier.  Thus, we seek the improvement of society and its members as a whole. Therefore, it is essential for us to anticipate the market changes and trends, providing our internal customers with specialized advice, sharing high safety standards, in environmental care standards and acting ethically and with integrity in our relations with communities.