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Sustainability Report 2015

Letter from the President


Dear friends:

It is a pleasure to share with you our seventh Sustainability Report for the year of 2015, we present the economic, social and environmental dimensions of our business performance.

The year of 2015 has been a year of most stability in global metal prices.

This has led to a little improvement in relation to 2014, however we are managing all possible risks that could appear during our
operation. In addition, 2015 has been a period with important achievements, thanks to the commitment of our people, which has
contributed in looking for opportunities to improve inside and outside of our organization.

During 2015, for the fourth consecutive year, our company has been prominent among the “Top 10 Companies with the best reputation in Peru” and for the third consecutive year among the “Top 10 Most Admired Companies in Peru”, besides being considered in first place in the ranking of the mining sector. We have also been recognized as the first mining company to receive the National Quality Award, by the National Society of Industries. These distinctions acknowledge our leadership in the sector.

Antamina is renowned for its ability to innovate in the search for more sustainable solutions to the challenges ahead. In this task, we are not alone.

The relationship and working together with our Strategic Partners are very important. Therefore, we implemented the program “Excellence on Supplier Development” that promotes innovation and improving efficiency in our strategic partners. Through this program, we have made great improvements such as extending the average life of 20% of used tires haul trucks. This innovation is a clear example that, with minor improvements, we achieved a major positive impact on the three dimensions of the sustainable development: economic, social and environment.

On the other hand, through a culture of innovation and continuous improvement in our processes, we keep
increasing the water recycling ratio in our operations (99.3%), meaning less use of natural water. We must add that
the supply of fresh water from our company comes in 100% from rainwater, which is collected in dams built by Antamina.


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