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Respuesta petitorio Saúl Juárez

Lima, June 5th 2014

Dear Mrs. María Roeckmann:

A few days ago, we met at with a petition relating to Saul Juarez, former employee of Antamina. In our desire to bring information that provides more evidence on this issue we want to share the following:

We must begin by saying that the condition Mr. Juarez suffers is not related to the work that he performed in our company. When this complaint appears 4 years ago, in Antamina we decided to drive a transparent scientific and medical evaluation to clear any doubt. Between 2010 and 2011, multiple medical and toxicological tests were performed to Saul, both in Peru and in the United States. The results of these tests confirmed that Saul Juarez had no toxic exposure to heavy metals and that his medical problems were not related to this.

Saul Juarez was treated at the prestigious Toxicological Center of Texas University and the samples were analyzed in the laboratories of the prestigious Mayo Clinic in the U.S. His case was consulted with Drs Javier Waksman, Andrés Lugo and John Haynes, renowned American toxicologists and consultants, worldwide. In Peru, the local Medical College also concluded that there is no evidence of heavy metal poisoning. On the medical evidence that Mr. Juarez has presented more than once, we must be clear in saying that the so-called “hair and nail mineralograma” is not, from the medical point of view, a recognized test to diagnose metal poisoning.

In September 2013, this issue reached the Committee on Energy and Mines of the Peruvian Congress. We attended voluntarily and clarified every doubt raised. On that occasion, an order for investigating the case was dismissed. A summary of this presentation can be found at the following link: 

Saul Juarez insisted to denounce Antamina several times. In each of them, we have sought to express what we share here with you and with those who naturally have expressed concern about this issue. It is important to say that, despite all this, Antamina continued offering Saul and his family health coverage; something we do in a humanitarian way for someone who has been part of our company and who is going through a health condition resulting from a disease, which, again, has nothing to do with the work he performed in Antamina.

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