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New Strategic Framework

En Antamina, este nuevo esquema del nuevo Marco Estratégico sigue un proceso “causativo” con 4 dimensiones

After a process of careful deliberation Antamina has restructured its Strategic Framework. It is worth noting that this new framework follows a “causative” process with 4 dimensions, represented by our Concentrator and its 4 floors, one for each strategic dimension.

We maintain our strategic priorities: Health & Safety, Sustainable Development, Operational Excellence and Value Creation; we only rearranged them and gave a priority focus to our Reputation and Intangible Assets.

The direction of the arrows gives this model its “causative approach”.  We want to put across that we are part of a “Virtuous Circle” that permits us to make better use of our tangible and intangible resources to generate value responsibly.

The reputation that we have built, with our people and our processes feeds the entire strategy; it’s the most significant element.  If we lose our reputation, we lose opportunities, people, capital, etc.