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Projects and development initiatives

Desarrollo sostenible: Los proyectos e iniciativas de desarrollo de Antamina se basan en productividad, sostenibilidad, historia y cultura.


Promote the development is all part of initiatives, projects and works to improve the quality of life of the communities around us. The key: participatory construction progress and interdisciplinary management. Read more...

So, we promote progress and future through projects focused on families and their territory, involving the communities, as well as local, regional and national government. Therefore, we focus on incorporating the expectations of its stakeholders in the mood to build a joint vision.

Tax works in Huarmey

We have implemented the first project in the form of tax works in Huarmey with the construction of new roads and sidewalks for the city. This is the result of a coordinated effort between the Provincial Municipality of Huarmey and Antamina under law 29230 process, which seeks to accelerate the implementation of priority public infrastructure works throughout the country through the competition of private companies under her renditions by way of income tax.

With an investment of over 15 million soles in the first and second stage of the project, the paving of approximately 115,000 m2 of tracks and the construction of almost 18,000 m2 of sidewalks was achieved.

This shows that can develop projects of this size by signing agreements with regional and/or local governments.

Paltas de Chasquitambo

This production project, which is already working four years ago, has the support of the District Municipality of Colquioc – Chasquitambo and Antamina, who from the beginning supported and pushed for the cultivation of avocados in the jurisdiction of Chasquitambo, Fortitude Valley, Ancash.

The project has improved the incomes of more than 126 families of farmers Colquioc district, through the overall improvement of the production and marketing of avocados. The annual volume of avocado production is around 1,920 tons (240 tons have x 8 average).

Technical assistance, improved irrigation infrastructure and better organization made a first-rate production enjoyed in the Peru and the world reality. Even avocados consumed in the dining camp Yanacancha by our employees.

Therefore, the Association of Avocado Producers Chasquitambo (APEP), has become able to export 20% of its production to Europe, while 80% supplies the domestic market, mainly to the city of Lima.

Again, this strategic alliance allows sustainable productive projects that are supported in Fortitude Valley, help improve the local economy and generate development and growth in the Ancash region.

Proyecto de Ovinos en  Catac y Huaripampa

The project “Formation of a genetic nucleus Elite Sheep” was launched in January 2011 based on the good work started with the rural community of Cátac province of Recuay, Ancash, to introduce best practices in raising sheep , which they included disease control, animal castration low genetic quality selection of bellies among others.

From the work of gradual development of sheep farming in Cátac (four years of continuous work), it was decided to move forward in improving the productivity of these cattle breeds by introducing better features for the market.

Thus, the project has emphasized East Friesian breeds (for the development of a sheep dairy industry specialist) and Dohne Merino (for the production of fine wool and lambs weaned high weight and quality of housing). Both races have been introduced by importing frozen embryos and semen from Australia and New Zealand.

Furthermore, it has launched activities such as planting grass, fencing and rotation fields, the generation of infrastructure for the protection of animals and for embryo transfer and artificial insemination, as well as providing the equipment necessary for the latter finish. All these actions have allowed the formation of a core genetic elite sheep in the rural community of Cátac.

A date has achieved genetic improvement of about 2,500 sheep and 300 hectares of improved pastures, benefiting 1,200 people.


Resources to effectively articulate the communities surrounding our operations, promoting sustainable development. Therefore, in Antamina we worked on agricultural projects, irrigation, forestry, education, health, infrastructure and capacity building, history, culture and tourism. All in an inclusive participatory framework (multi-stakeholder), and shared value.Read more...

So our programmatic focus is on water basis for economic, social and environmental growth: water and sanitation, health and nutrition; water for economic development and build social capital; Water management and climate change.

Represa Huarco Curán

Thanks to this project, more than 1500 people from 12 villages of the valley of Sta. Rosa de Cajacay -located in the province of Bolognesi in the Ancash solve water shortages. This will be possible due to the construction of irrigation system Cushurococha – Huarco heal, allowing mechanized irrigation of 652 hectares of farmland and other improved 200. The project is located approximately 4500 meters above sea level in the sector of Pampa River .

The dam will be about 34 meters high and will have a storage capacity of 1 million and a half cubic meters of water, seeks to benefit the population and the environment.

Therefore, streams and springs will be prosecuted to the reservoir, from where through some pipes HDP-of density-high water will travel 16 km to the growing area.

With this important work farmers have water throughout the year, thereby allowing various export crops like quinoa, avocado, artichoke and aguaymanto, and other products for the local supply.

The partnership between the community, the state and private enterprise, has achieved this development initiative. The construction of this dam is giving 100 jobs and another 300 indirectly, is co-financed by the Sub-Sector Investment Project and Compania Minera Antamina, who disbursed 32 million soles for execution.

Conservación de Bosque de Quenuales en Conchucos

Thanks to this program has developed a forest corridor linking Conchucos Valley, between the Huascaran National Park and the Huayhuash Reserve in the department of Ancash, being an international model of environmental and corporate social responsibility for mining sector

In quenual (Polylepis) is a genus comprising more than twenty species of shrubs and small trees. Its great peculiarity lies in being the only species capable of forming forests at altitudes ranging from 2800-5000 meters, ie which may constitute the highest forests of the world.

Its importance is essential for human survival over 3,000 meters as well as being the only source of energy for nearby communities, act as shelters against drastic temperature fluctuations night frost and cold winds, while home to a unique fauna and flora. and play a vital role in regulating the hydrological cycle also control soil erosion and reduce C02 emissions in the air.

Thus, in addition to promoting the restoration and protection of the remaining forests of Polylepis, this project seeks to implement a management plan headwaters in the region. Similarly, it is important to state that this program generates economic benefits for communities; such as jobs, access to nurseries and firewood in secondary forests dedicated to sustainable management.

Proyecto forestación en Huari

The coordinated between the Association of Municipalities of Residents of Huari (AMUCEFS), the Ministry of Agriculture and Centers Antamina work, it has managed to recover and improve the productive capacity of soils in 30 towns of Huari.

This project allows for better utilization of water resources for both public consumption and for favoring agriculture over 2,500 families.

In the first stage, it has installed 30 nurseries, which means the production of 2 million trees and afforestation of 1,300 hectares.

The project will continue with a second phase under the Ministry of Agriculture, in which 20 million soles will be invested by planting seven million plants on 4,500 hectares.

Pozo tubular en Huarmey

By working with communities, the Municipality of Huarmey and Antamina, has been building a borehole in the hamlet Pay Pay, so that people will have more hours of available water in the houses.

This work is critical to Huarmey, since the population has water just 8 hours a day and in some areas had only one hour of access to water.

The culmination of the first stage of the infrastructure was made with the pump test was positive and satisfactory to the municipal authorities and representatives of Compania Minera Antamina. To get to the source aquifer had to dig 70 meters and installed a 12-inch pipe through which water emanates through a pumping system.

Necessary for the operation of the well, complementary works began in January 2014 and were completed, delivered and put into operation on March 6, 2014.

With this project, approximately 16,000 people (5,000 families belonging to the district of Huarmey, periphery and Human Settlements October 9 and Puerto Huarmey) benefit.

Currently the well produces between 46 and 49 liters per second, which doubles the amount of water available for Huarmey.

This successful project launched by the efforts of the Municipality of Huarmey population and Antamina was awarded the ‘Award for Best Practices in Public Management 2014’, promoted by the Citizens Day organization.

Historia y Cultura:

Ancash is a rich and diverse region, both for its cultural elements and its history. Therefore, it is an honor for us to be part of this region.

We work and live in Ancash. We are part of its history, we promote progress in this and want to be part of its future development.

 Our commitment is tied to participate in initiatives and projects bailout in history, preservation of local culture and promotion of natural spaces.Read more...

Sistema de Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles del Perú

Symphony for Peru is a social project lead by tenor Juan Diego Florez that seeks, through music, develop values and positive attitudes in children and young people of Peru, transcending positive effect on their families and communities in a context of social inclusion and continuous pursuit of excellence. .

Through this social initiative we encourage artistic talent in Huaraz and San Marcos and already more than 250 children benefit from this successful program that is cultivating values like discipline and teamwork.

Promoción de iniciativas empresariales de Turismo en Conchucos

This program aims to generate employment opportunities and income for local people in Conchucos, consolidating the Ancash region as a tourist destination.

Since 2012 it has achieved an average growth of 10% in revenue from tourism-related activities. 15% increase in sales packages Conchucos national tour operators and regional tour operators are also reached.

Investigación Arqueológica y Conservación del Complejo Arqueológico: Chavín de Huántar

This major project; funded by Antamina, Global Heritage Fund of the United States and with input from Stanford University; provides global discovery of the site and the restoration and consolidation of archaeological remains.

In that sense, we seek to contribute to the preservation and understanding of this large archaeological site. We also want to make Chavin is a major tourist destination for all visitors to Ancash, in addition to defining it as an icon of the country’s history.

It has discovered more than 60 hydraulic systems in the area of the monument and three new ball heads dating from 1200-500 BC.

During 2013 the Monument of Chavin received a total of 70,713 visitors. This record number represents an increase of 15% compared to 2012.

Proyecto Arqueológico Castillo de Huarmey

Since 2013, the Museo de Arte de Lima, the Ministry of Culture and the University of Warsaw in agreement with Antamina, develop an outreach program of the most important archaeological discoveries of recent years in the archaeological site Castle Huarmey (Ancash) which it includes over sixty mummies and more than 1,300 objects exceptionally rich. In 2014, a successful samples in Mali with over 40 000 visitors and the presentation of the publication ‘Castle Huarmey was performed. The imperial mausoleum Wari ‘

Also, the presentation of the book Huarmey, in the crossroads of Peru Millennium ‘by researchers at the University of Warsaw was held.

To Antamina, the preservation of local culture is one of its main objectives therefore seek to value the archaeological discoveries Castle Huarmey. In this way we want to turn the site into one of the main references for the study of Peruvian archeology and the main tourist destination of Ancash.

Festiverano Huarmey

In coordination with the Provincial Municipality of Huarmey promoter Save The Rajus and support of Antamina, the Festiverano Huarmey is organized every year in February. This event has consolidated as major tourist attraction in Ancash, achieving rally in 2013 to more than 12 thousand visitors.

Tuquilllo spa and its neighboring beaches and Pocita Maracana, are home to vibrant displays Enduro and Motocross Racing Powerboat, never before presented in these beaches. Swimming tournaments, Local motocross, football and beach volleyball, Rally 4×4 Off Road (105 vehicles of this type) and also develop culinary competition, among other activities.

This important summer festival is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the benefits offered by beautiful beaches that bathe the coast, as well as savor the delicious dishes of the local sea food.