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Sustainable development

LDesarrollo sostenible: La Gestión Social de Antamina se establece entre los grupos sociales involucrados por conseguir un desarrollo sostenible

Antamina think that sustainable development is the core of corporate management. We seek to achieve an excellent social and environmental performance that sets the stage for the development of our operating conditions, promoting the participation of the state, communities and civil society, in order to improve the perception of well-being and quality of life of the population in our Strategic Influence Zone .

As a result, we created the Sustainable Development Management, whose mission is to integrate strategically way -of the objectives necessary to channel our social investment in health, nutrition, education, productive development, institutional strengthening and infrastructure.

In this way we create synergies that allow us to leverage the necessary resources to implement priority works -of concertada- way thus contributing to sustainable development in different localities.