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ISO 14001 Environmental system management

Gestión ambiental: En Antamina el nivel de producción y desarrollo deben ir acompañados por una búsqueda de la protección del medio ambiente.

Antamina think that the level of production and development must be accompanied by a relentless pursuit of environmental protection. One example is our Environmental Management System (EMS) that allowed us to obtain a widely recognized performance in the country and abroad.

Our SGA obtained the international ISO 14001: 2004 after a thorough audit in 2009. Our SGA received this international certification from TUV Rheinland (certification with headquarters located in Germany). In that sense, it is important to mention that this certification supports our environmental performance, developed since the beginning of our operations, adapting to the criteria of a certifiable international standard.

Years later we implement our, which also has been certified by TUV Rheinland of Germany Integrated Management System (IMS). Our GIS links, integrates and improves our SGA. In addition, our GIS is backed by our previous certifications: ISO 14001: 2004 Environment and OHSAS 18001: 2007 Health and Safety, involving the integration of both standards and so, all the operations of Antamina.

This system has been improved environmental performance throughout our company, optimizing the consumption of water, electricity and paper with the involvement of all employees and strategic partners. We also have an Environmental Management Plan (PMA), which aims to minimize potential impacts on the environment.

This Environmental Management Plan has five application areas:

  •  Continuous monitoring of environmental quality (air, water, soil, aquatic life, vegetation and wildlife) in the field of operation and areas of influence.
  • Solid waste management up to final disposal.
  • Restoration and stabilize areas disturbed by the operation.
  • Development of forest plantations and pastures.
  • Rational use of water.