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Polylepis Conservation in South Conchucos
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Polylepis Conservation in South Conchucos

In early 2005 the Conservation Project became a reality and would be carried out until 2008. It was promoted by the Department of Environment, the Mountain Institute - and had the management support - of the Ancash Association and International Conservation (IC).

In respect to conservation of biodiversity as a component of sustainable development, this project represented a model of international environmental and social corporate responsibility for the mining sector in Peru and the world

The project's direct environmental outcome was the restoration and conservation of the polylepis forests, which contributed to the development of a forest corridor linking Conchucos valley between the Huascaran National Park and the Huayhuash Reserve in the Ancash Department. We estimate that a total area of 200,000 hectares benefited from this project. Of these, 50,000 were directly acted upon. The long-term vision of the project was to generate sufficient ability among the participating communities to continue restoration activities and forest management, so that the corridor continue to grow and build connections while generating economic benefits for communities, including jobs, access to nurseries and firewood in secondary forests dedicated to sustainable management. The project’s primary component was sustainability through training and \long-term commitment.

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