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Our Company

Antamina is a polymetallic mining complex that produces copper, zinc and molybdenum concentrates, and silver and lead concentrates as by products.

The mine is located in the district of San Marcos, Ancash Region, 200 km. from the city of Huaraz at an average altitude of 4,300 meters above sea level. The company has its own port, called Punta Lobitos located in the coastal province of Huarmey.

Investment in Antamina (an initial investment of approximately U.S. $ 2.3 billion, plus U.S. $ 1.2 billion of investment in the expansion of its operations) is considered the highest in the history of Peruvian mining. Today it is among the largest Peruvian producers of copper and zinc concentrates and one of the ten largest mines in the world in terms of operating volume.

Compania Minera Antamina SA is a company incorporated under Peruvian law, the product of a joint venture between four leading companies in the world mining industry.
Antamina's shareholders are:

• BHP Billiton (33.75%)
• Xstrata (33.75%)
• Teck (22.5%)
• Mitsubishi Corporation (10%)

Antamina has four areas of operations:

The Mine
The mine is located in the Antamina Ravine, in the district of San Marcos, at latitude  9 º 32’S and longitude 77 ° 03’W and has a current estimated useful life until 2029. This is an open pit operation that works with a skarn type deposit.
A daily average of 430,000 tons of material is extracted and with operating running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 12-hour shifts, making it one of the ten largest mining operations in terms of volume. The mine pit currently measured 3.400 meters long and 1.800 meters wide and has a depth of 700 meters. The total proven and probable reserves amount to 745 million metric tons.

Camp Yanacancha
Located at this camp is the Concentrator Plant, which may be considered one of the most automated existing plants in the world, equipped with a technology that can directly process the ore that is extracted from the pit. The camp also has modern and comfortable lodging accommodations for all personnel.

Punta Lobitos Port
The port is located in Huarmey, 290 kilometers north of Lima. This facility receives the ore concentrates that are transported from the mine through a modern steel ore pipeline, coated with HDPE, over a distance of 302 kilometers. The concentrates, which come in the form of a slurry pulp –containing 65% solids, are received, filtered, stored and loaded onto ships for export. The surplus water from this ore concentrate is treated and then used in the afforestation of a 170 hectare wooded forest. The port has ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 Certification.
Tailings Dam
Located in the Huincush Ravine at 4,075 meters above sea level, this tailings dam is believed to be the highest in the world. Its huge size, owing to its storage capacity of up to 550 million tons of tailings, and structural leak-proof design, ensure strict environmental care.

Organigrama de Antamina

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